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How we work?

We work with polyurethane foam dispersions, for the best possible value for money. Excellent for both thermal and waterproofing, it is one of the most popular insulation materials in the construction industry.

Why is it worth it?

  • the most efficient insulation

  • walkable technology
  • a solution without thermal bridges
  • environment friendly
  • energy efficient, helps you save money
  • protects from the residual condensate

We are present in the whole country

The services of PurMester Kft are available in the whole country.

We have assisted our clients in more than 100 towns.
Most of the time our clients inquire about the insulation of flat roofs, attics and slabs but we also deal with the insulation of halls, warehouses, furthermore industrial and agricultural facilities.
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Why is polyurethane insulation worth it?

Polyurethane is one of the most commonly used thermal and sound insulation materials. Both open and closed cell insulation is a great choice for new and old properties. However, it requires a good and quality finish.

When is open cell pur foam recommended?

The material has excellent thermal insulation properties and low thermal conductivity, helping to reduce energy costs. It can also keep noise levels low and attenuate sound propagation. In addition, open-cell pur foam allows vapour diffusion, which means that condensation can pass through the material and avoid condensation on surfaces.

When is closed cell pur foam better?

The version with even more efficient thermal insulation properties has a slightly lower thermal conductivity than the previous type. This solution is more effective at inhibiting condensation, making it an ideal choice in situations where it is important to maintain airtightness and vapour tightness. It can therefore be used for roof and wall insulation. Closed-cell pur foam also provides a high-strength, rigid structure that helps to make the building structure even stronger.

It’s worth it..

  • Because it’s energy efficient, it helps reduce energy loss in the building, so you don’t have to do as much cooling and heating. And this saves money in the short term.

  • Because it has a long lifespan, as it is durable and weather-resistant, it effectively protects the building for a long time.

  • Because thanks to the excellent material, you can feel more comfortable and enjoy a more comfortable everyday life. It provides a more even temperature and a quieter environment for your home, office or other residential property.

  • Because it’s an insulator made from recycled materials, it reduces energy loss, which can result in an environmentally friendly and comfortable building.

  • Because it creates a stable, load-bearing and solid covering.

  • Because it is completely harmless to your health.

  • Because it’s fast and efficient, we can get the job done in just a few hours.

However, this will require a professional approach, as each property will require a different solution. The type of building, climatic conditions and individual needs will determine how much it will cost to work with.



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We ordered the insulation of underground air ducts from Purmester Ltd. They took our requests and wishes into consideration and helped us with their high level of expertise. They carried out the insulation to our complete satisfaction. I would recommend Purmester Kft. to everyone.

Szántó Jenő , Hódmezővásárhely

We sprayed both the roof structure and the side walls of our 400 m2 hall with 5 cm foam. The result exceeded all our expectations. Even without heating, the temperature in the hall remains above freezing. Thanks to this technology, in addition to the thermal insulation, the roof structure is completely waterproofed. We are very satisfied with the end result.

Tábit Zoltán, IDO-TRIO KFT.

Professional insulation, outstanding quality, expertise, fast, clean workmanship… and I could go on. I would like to emphasize the flexible approach, which is specifically aimed at solving problems – the word impossible is not known or has long been forgotten :)
GREAT TEAM! I RECOMMEND PURMESTER KFT. to EVERYONE who wants to have a masterly insulation at a competitive price!

Falcsik Tünde, Budapest

On behalf of Walter Woodworking Kft. – Rádóckölked, thank you very much for the quick and correct survey after the execution. Our work went smoothly even during the insulation. The end result is a perfectly coherent slate roof. The temperature in the hall is already noticeably pleasant.

Walter Norbert, Rádóckölked

Despite the 300km distance, they started work at 9am on Sunday as agreed. They did a very precise, professional and reliable job in renovating the loft insulation of our family house. The additional work (removing and replacing roof tiles, etc.) was also competently done. Correct, experienced and cheerful team, we can only recommend them to everyone!

Kocsis Tamás, Sajóörös