The sprayed polyurethane foam or as known as the sprayed PUR foam

Pur foam insulation is nowadays one of the best solutions when it comes to heat retention. It has many advantages, making it one of the most popular choices for both thermal and acoustic insulation in buildings. It also contributes to energy efficiency and the creation of a comfortable home. However, working with insulating materials always requires expertise, as you can only reap the full benefits if it is properly installed.

Main advantages

  • Walkable, loadable, solid overlay
  • Excellent insulation even at the Crucial points
  • Not harmful to health
  • Perfect solution for heat Insulation and water-proofing

The great advantage of the polyurethane foam insulation compared to the formerly used insulation solutions is that it does not shrink, does not collapse, furthermore it is not harmful to health. Currently no other material is capable of this, therefore the polyurethane foam insulation is not replaceable with anything else and thus it has become one of the most frequently used heat insulation and water-proofing material. It protects the structures from becoming wet, furthermore from corrosion, therefore it prolongs the life expectancy.

The sprayed foam insulates and eliminates the thermal bridges caused by the fixing materials and the gaps in the roof structures and also provides a monolithic, long-lasting roof covering system. By using the sprayed polyurethane foam a significant amount of energy expense can be saved, furthermore it also increases the value/worth of the real estate. The heat insulation is one of the best forms of investment as significant expenses might be avoided by using heat insulation.

The sprayed polyurethane foam is spread on the surface with the help of a special device and with a special spray gun and this requires serious professional knowledge and great experience. The sprayed material foams and expands after a few seconds, then gains its final form and rigidness.

There are several types of the sprayed polyurethane foam with different forms and density. There are soft (open cell), half rigid and rigid or hard foams that are fully walkable and loadable. This wide range of different types of foams makes it possible for everyone to pick the type that fulfils their requirements.

Beside the excellent heat insulation characteristic of the closed cell sprayed polyurethane foam is also has a perfectly water-proof layer as well. And it is also walkable, therefore it results in such a material that is unique and special in the construction industry. Currently only the sprayed polyurethane foam is capable of this; it cannot be replaced with anything else, because the same efficiency could only be reached if more materials would be used together. Therefore the number one insulation applied in the construction industry is the sprayed polyurethane foam. As it forms a unique air-lock thanks to the on-site production, it provides a totally continuous, homogenous heat insulation and water-proofing, therefore by using the polyurethane foam you can wave good-bye to the heating bills skyrocketing through the roof due to the insufficient and gappy insulation.

The sprayed polyurethane foam is formed as the result of the chemical reaction of two chemical components. The heated components are sprayed and therefore it can only be applied on the proper surface temperature. If the temperature is not suitable, then the heated components sprayed on the surface will be cooled down by the temperature of the environment and the proper chemical reaction cannot build up this way. This way a different cell structure forms than among optimal temperature circumstances. So the process results in a totally different material that is not even close to the polyurethane foam sprayed on the optimal temperature from the aspect of insulation qualities.

Qualities of the sprayed polyurethane foam

  • steady parameters
  • excellent heat insulation qualities
  • seamless on the whole surface
  • resistance to vapour diffusion
  • suitable for use for multiple purposes
  • stops the airflow
  • high strength, walkable, loadable
  • perfect insulation even on crucial points
  • rapid installation
  • perfect adhesion, does not peel off from the surface
  • no more condensation
  • resistance to the damaging effects of fungi and mould
  • does not mean any harm to health
  • washable, cleanable
  • continuous, without gaps or thermal bridges
  • self-extinguishing, B2 classification
  • rigid
  • results in energy saving
  • life expectancy well over 15 years

A huge advantage of this heat insulation system that it does not hinder the everyday use of the building during the installation and it is an unmatched quality that it enables the simple heat insulation of complicated buildings.

Taking into consideration the above factors, it is without a doubt that the efficiency of the sprayed polyurethane foam is much more advanced than the efficiency of all of the so-far known and applied heat insulation technologies.

Conditions for the polyurethane foam insulation

  • Surface temperature above 0 ℃

  • dry surface without any traces of dust, oil or grease
  • windless weather conditions, no wind speed above 10km/h


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