Hall insulation

If you need Purhabbal hall insulation quickly and to a high quality, trust us. Sit back while we get the job done and enjoy the benefits!

Main advantages

Should you require polyurethane foam insulation for a hall quickly and in high quality, then you can rely on us. Lean back while we do the work and you should just enjoy the advantages:

  • fast installation
  • heat insulation and water-proofing in one
  • resistant to mould and moist
  • perfect roof insulation material
  • lightweight

About the technology of the hall insulation

The sprayed polyurethane foam is the most sought after insulation material in this segment as due to the size of the surface any other insulation method could be used only with great difficulties and with huge expenses. It can be either a new building or an old hall, the polyurethane foam insulation is the perfect solution in any case.

This insulation technology solves both the heat insulation and the water-proofing as well. There will be no condensate water and the leaks at the fitting points and joints will be eliminated. The new insulation forms such a continuous surface that eliminates the problems at the screws, fixing points and at the minor defects of the roof.

As a result of the insulation the temperature will reach an optimal level, there will be no leaks and the stability of the structure will be significantly increased as well. Thanks to the light weight of the polyurethane foam it barely burdens the roof structure.

The characteristics of the applied material

  • foam density: 55kg/m3

  • compressive strength: 200K.Pa

  • thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.024W/mK

  • fire safety class: B2 – self-extinguishing


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