Flat roof insulation

Thinking about flat roof insulation? Need a fast and quality job? Leave it to us! All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits of our work.

Main advantages

Should you require flat roof insulation quickly and in high quality, then you can rely on us. Lean back while we do the work and you should just enjoy the advantages:

  • rapid installation
  • does not mean any harm to health
  • mold resistant
  • heat insulation and water-proofing in one
  • perfect roof insulation material

In recent years we have performed the insulation of the following types of roofs:

  • tiled roof
  • slate roof
  • metal plate roof
  • shingle roof
  • glass roof

The heat insulation and water-proofing technology for flat roofs or for roofs with low inclination angle:

The sprayed polyurethane foam insulation is the most reliable insulation method also for flat roofs. The technology is applicable for the insulation of both new and old roofs. In the latter case most of the time the roof is insulated by bitumen sheets that might be problematic already after 3-4 years as the water and the below zero temperatures can cause significant damage to the fitting areas.

Contrary to the above the closed cell sprayed polyurethane foam insulation forms a totally continuous layer thanks to the production on site that is 100% waterproof, free of fitting points and joints, therefore the dilation movements of the building does not cause any problem. By using this technology there is no need for the removal of the old, defective insulation that considerably lowers the cost. The old insulation only requires a check-up and the sprayed polyurethane foam insulation can be used after the preparation of the surface, that is after the dust was removed. The polyurethane foam, beyond its water-proof nature, is also a really good heat insulating material that terminates the dilation problems and does not allow any thermal bridges thanks to its flexibility. Due to its light weight it barely burdens the building, yet it is still tenacious, walkable and loadable.

In the case of flat roofs it is necessary to create a walkable surface and this can be reached by applying a denser than usual foam technology. In the case of external heat insulation and water-proofing, UV protection has to be also arranged. Our company tackles this problem by using a special UV protective paint but of course this can be substituted with other materials as well.

The characteristics of the applied material:

  • foam density: 55kg/m3

  • compressive strength: 200K.Pa

  • thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.024W/mK

  • fire safety class: B2 – self-extinguishing

Sometimes we use the foam with density of 35kg/m3 in the case of these types of works…

  • foam density: 35kg/m3

  • compressive strength: 150K.Pa

  • thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.023W/mK

  • fire safety class: B2 – self-extinguishing


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