The open cell polyurethane heat insulation foam

Open-cell spray polyurethane foam is the most perfect form of insulation, thanks to its ability to prevent most heat loss, unlike the old, outdated forms of insulation. In the long term, it can save a lot of energy, making it an excellent investment that pays for itself in a short time.

Main advantages

The open cell sprayed polyurethane foam is the perfect insulation form thanks to its ability to prevent a great part of the heat loss contrary to the old, outdated insulation methods. Huge amount of energy can be saved with this solution in the long run, therefore it is an excellent investment that pays off within a short period of time.

By using old insulation methods it is almost impossible to terminate the gaps at the fittings or joints. The threaded insulation materials slowly shrink within a few years from the installation or move or slip away and as a result of this process the notorious thermal bridges form.

As opposed to the above the sprayed polyurethane foam is an insulation method produced on the location, therefore its efficiency cannot be compared to any other method. There are no joints or fittings and it glides into even the smallest problematic spot. Not even the polystyrene insulations can be formed so to avoid small gaps between the sheets where the heat can escape later on. These problems can be remedied only if the insulation is produced on site.

The open cell polyurethane foam comes into existence from the mixture of two chemical components and this mixture is spread with the help pf a special machine all over the surface. The chemical reaction is rather fast, therefore the mixture foams within a few seconds and gains its final form. Thanks to its extraordinary adhesion it can be spread on any kind of surface (concrete, wood, metal or even on water-proof foil as well). The polyurethane foam that gained its final form perfectly closes the way from any air movement.

The UNIQUE characteristics of the intelligent heat insulation system

  • By using the polyurethane insulation all insulation problems can be eliminated that lead to the formation of thermal bridges in the case of traditional insulations. The polyurethane foam is continuous, free of any fittings or joints.
  • Contrary to the traditional insulations this is a permanent insulation form that does not shrink, contrary to other insulation materials, does not soak through, the warm air cannot penetrate it, rodents cannot cause any harm to it, etc.
  • In the case of the polyurethane foam insulation the high-pressure spraying process guarantees that every gap and crack will be filled up and this would be impossible with any other insulation technology. This way it guarantees the drastic decrease of energy consumption.
  • With this solution the air movement in the insulation can be excluded (convective circulation).
  • By using the closed or open cell polyurethane foams for insulation, you get a unique air-block.


  • density of the material: 8-10kg/ m3
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient:0,035W/mK (lambda value)
  • fire safety class: self-extinguishing, B2 classification


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