Floor insulation

If you need pur foam floor insulation quickly and to a high quality, let us do it for you. Sit back while we get the job done and enjoy the benefits!

Main advantages

Should you require polyurethane foam insulation for the floor quickly and in high quality, then you can rely on us. Lean back while we do the work and you should just enjoy the advantages:

  • fast installation
  • resistant to mould and moist
  • heat insulation and water-proofing in one
  • perfect roof insulation material

The technology background of floor insulation

Floor insulation is mostly used in the case of buildings currently under construction or in the case of refurbishments. So far the subsequent heat insulation of the floor could be made with walkable polystyrene, while the water-proofing was done with hard metallic plates with bitumen. The closed cell sprayed polyurethane foam offers a better and more perfect solution than the above.

Thanks to the production on site the foam forms a continuous surface without joints and fitting points, therefore the result is such a surface without thermal bridges that has unparalleled heat insulation qualities. Besides, it is also a water barrier layer, therefore there is no need for separate water barrier. Thanks to the high density of the polyurethane foam, the slab concrete can be placed upon the foam without any further tasks.

The characteristics of the applied material

  • foam density: 35kg/m3

  • compressive strength: 150K.Pa

  • thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.023W/mK

  • fire safety class: B2 – self-extinguishing


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