Roof insulation

Thinking about roof insulation? Need a fast and quality job? Then let us do the job. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy us doing it for you.

Main advantages

Should you require roof insulation quickly and in high quality, then you can rely on us. Lean back while we do the work and you should just enjoy the advantages:

  • rapid installation
  • does not mean any harm to health
  • mold resistant
  • heat insulation and water-proofing in one
  • perfect roof insulation material

Most frequently we do the additional insulation of the following types of roofs:

  • tiled roof
  • slate roof
  • metal plate roof
  • shingle roof
  • glass roof

Based on the shape:

  • pyramid roof
  • pitched roof
  • half-pitched roof
  • flat roof
  • high roof

The technological background of the roof insulation:

The heat insulation foam is spread either directly on the safety water-proofing foil or onto the slab structure in the attic. After the spraying the foam can be simply fitted to the required thickness. In the case of roof insulation both type of foams can be applied.

The advantage of the closed cell foam compared to the open cell foam is that it can be sprayed directly onto tiles as it forms a water barrier, therefore there is no need for a separate vapour barrier. This becomes important if the polyurethane foam is sprayed on the existing vapour barrier foil because based on our experience, unfortunately these foils do not provide long-term protection because the permanently high temperature harms these within a short period of time.

In these cases the humidity directly contacts the insulation that significantly hinders the proper functioning of the heat insulation. In the case of the application of an open cell structure a vapour barrier layer is necessary.

An 8-10 cm thick closed cell polyurethane foam insulation results in a drastic heating bill saving.

The characteristics of the applied material

  • foam density: 35kg/m3

  • compressive strength: 150K.Pa

  • thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.023W/mK

  • fire safety class: B2 – self-extinguishing


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