Attic insulation

Thinking about loft insulation? Do you want to keep heat from escaping through the roof and attic? Then let us do the job for you, and we will do it quickly and to a high quality.

Main advantages

Should you require polyurethane foam insulation for the attic quickly and in high quality, then you can rely on us. Lean back while we do the work and you should just enjoy the advantages:

  • fast installation
  • mold resistant
  • heat insulation and water-proofing in one
  • perfect roof insulation material
  • resistant to the effects of wind, snow and rain

An 8 cm thick polyurethane foam insulation results in such a saving of money thanks to which the expenses of the investment pay off within a short period of time.

The technological background of attic insulation

The polyurethane foam is the perfect solution for the insulation of attics as it provides perfect protection for your home not only in the cold months in the winter but also in the summer hot as well. Often the hot weather in the summer can extremely heat up the roof structure that can be neutralized only by turning on the expensive air-conditioning.

It has been proven that in the case of houses insulated with polyurethane foam, there is an up to 2 Celsius grade difference between the ground floor and the upper story. Unfortunately most of the real estates are insulated with the old, threaded insulation material that leads to several problems. Just to mention a few: as time passes by, due to its own weight it slowly collapses, not to mention that if there is condensate water then this process accelerates and after this it has only a minimal heat insulation effect. Mould and fungi shall be also mentioned as consequences.

Only the polyurethane foam insulation provides such a solution that eliminates the thermal bridges in the structure and can penetrate such places that is not accessible for other insulation solutions. The closed cell sprayed polyurethane foam, thanks to its perfect adhesion, enables that it can be sprayed directly on tiles or onto the vapour barrier foil. Thanks to the spraying method the result is such a homogenous surface that strengthens the roof structure statically. If the attic is already built-in then in this case the sprayed polyurethane foam can be used after the tiles were removed.

The characteristics of the applied material

  • foam density: 35kg/m3

  • compressive strength: 150K.Pa

  • thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.023W/mK

  • fire safety class: B2 – self-extinguishing


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