Closed cell foam insulation

Closed-cell rigid polyurethane foams, produced by a two-component in-situ spraying process, have excellent thermal and waterproofing properties. When the components are mixed, they gasify by heat and chemical reaction to form a closed cell structure. In just a few seconds, it changes from a liquid to a solid state, growing several times larger. They have excellent technical parameters and physical properties.

Main advantages

The closed cell hard polyurethane foams that can be produced with a two-component spraying process on location, have excellent heat insulation and water-proofing characteristics. When the components get mixed then as a result of the input of heat and chemical reactions they transform and form a material with closed cell structure. It transforms from liquid to solid material within matter of a few seconds and multiples its size. These foams dispose over excellent technical parameters and physical characteristics.

The closed cell sprayed foam insulation is a product that expands slower than the open cell insulation. It is capable of grow to the volume 40 times bigger than its original volume. The closed cell nature of this type of foam forms a tight cell structure that is more rigid and denser than in the case of open cell foams that provides a higher R-value per inch (per 2.54 cm). As the closed cell foam is four times denser than the open cell foam, therefore the cost proportional to the R-value is higher in this case. It is known as the most effective material in several fields of profession. It is not a coincidence that the sprayed polyurethane foam insulation system is one of the most favoured construction materials of building contractors.

The UNIQUE characteristics of the intelligent heat insulation system

  • by using the system the shortcomings and deficiencies of the application of traditional heat insulation material can be fully avoided
  • the system keeps its perfect heat insulation qualities throughout the lifetime of the building.
  • after the spraying it fills up individually and perfectly all the gaps, complicated surfaces and hardly accessible spots on the surface that could not be properly insulated in the case of the application of any other heat insulation materials and therefore it prevents heat loss, contrary to the fitting deficiencies of the traditional insulations
  • the insulation foam blocks the air movement
  • the sprayed polyurethane foam insulation does not let the air to move, therefore it prevents the convective circulation
  • steady parameters
  • excellent heat insulation qualities
  • seamless on the whole surface
  • resistance to vapour diffusion

  • suitable for use for multiple purposes
  • high strength, walkable, loadable
  • perfect insulation even on crucial points
  • rapid installation
  • perfect adhesion, does not peel off from the surface
  • no more condensation
  • resistance to the damaging effects of fungi and mould
  • does not mean any harm to health
  • washable, cleanable
  • it qualifies as vapour barrier from the thickness of 5 cm
  • it burdens the body only in a small extent
  • life expectancy well over 15 years


  • density of the material : 35kg/m3 55kg/m3
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient : 0,023W/mK 0,024W/mK
  • compressive strength :150kPa 200kPa
  • fire safety class :self-extinguishing, B2 classification


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